Trendsetter Rugs
716 South River Street, Calhoun, Georgia 30701 USA
* TrendTech is Trendsetter Rugs' exclusive manufacturing process. We use the latest technology and research to develop the best fiber system.

*We use the best and most effective dye system in the industry. 
creates the highest quality backing system in the industry. There are two layers of protection in all of our rugs. The TrendTech backing system prevents rugs from moving, crawling, shifting, and curling. TrendTech creates a safe learning environment for the classroom, daycare, church, and home.
TrendTech uses Scotchgard as our stain protector. Studies have found Scotchgard to be the best in the industry. Scotchgard helps keep dirt and liquids on top of the rugs for longer wear. Check out Scotchgard's commitment to the environment  
Made in the USA